Finalised projects

V4 Clusters

Boosting V4 Cooperation through Strategic Cluster Identification, Networking and Informatisation – The aim of the project is to open the potential hidden in clusters and their cooperation across strong and emerging sectors of the V4 by their identification and informatisation of the national databases in a form of a digital depository as a layer of the V4 information platform. The project will consist of three main activities:

A - IDENTIFICATION of cluster organisations within the V4 countries

B - NETWORKING and cluster match-making events

C - INFORMATISATION of the identified cluster data

New Cluster Concepts for Central Europe - CluStrat

Maintaining and improving the competitiveness of clusters in the CENTRAL EUROPE area – this is the core objective of CluStrat. The strategic project convenes partners from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine. In CluStrat, they have joined forces to develop and test new policy approaches to upgrade the innovation capacity of clusters. As a result, a joint strategy for CENTRAL EUROPE will be adopted on:

  • promoting the anticipation and exploitation of changing market demands as a consequence of societal challenges such as climate or demographic change through clusters (Emerging Industries)
  • fostering the inclusion of cross-cutting issues such as internationalization, technology transfer and gender in innovation in clusters (Cross-Cutting Issues)

Cultural Routes Entrepreneurship and Technologies Enhancement - e-CREATE

The project aims at increasing the competitiveness of service-oriented tourism enterprises in rural areas along cultural routes. Based on the identification of good practices, the project elaborates policy recommendations. In particular, these proposals will be addressing decision-makers on local and regional levels in order to provide a basis for the enhancement of supply-side oriented policies.

W pracy ważny (nie)pełnosprawny

The project was dedicated to unemployed or inactive people who wish to improve their position in the labor market by raising or acquisition of new skills and qualifications in MAG and TIG welding. The project included also career counseling, psychology and trainings in job searching.

COGITA (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility through Public Policy)

COGITA is an interregional project, bringing together 13 regions covering the whole of Europe which promotes social and environmental responsibility within SMEs across Europe. COGITA provides input to public policy by supporting the uptake of an integrated concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

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