Business Centre of the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd.

Business Centre of the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. (GAPR) is a place where by the coexistence of business support institutions as GAPR Ltd. and enterprises from a variety of industries focused on innovation, the idea of a local entrepreneurship development is being realized.

Business Centre headquarters is placed in the building with an area of 2938 m2, where Business Incubator as well as commercial offices are located. Business Incubator in Business Centre of GAPR Ltd., 16 Wincentego Pola Str., Gliwice Business Incubator has been operating since 1999.

Its main tasks are as follows: supporting and promoting entrepreneurship, creating environment that facilitates cooperation between enterprises as well as fostering effective cooperation between business and science. The Incubator provides premises on preferential conditions, advisory and administrative services, office infrastructure like phone and the access to the Internet as well as support in gaining funds for investments and development.

Support for newly emerged businesses in the initial and the most difficult period of operation is realized by:

  • providing the place in which entrepreneurs can start running a business,
  • lower rent’s costs than costs on the market,
  • providing selected advisory services,
  • providing comprehensive administrative and office services (secretariat, reception desk during working hours, receiving small shipments),
  • providing availability of telephone, fax, high-speed Internet, basic office equipment, eg. photocopiers, computer, equipment for binding documents, scanner),
  •  help in raising funds,

According to Incubator users, main profits from being in Incubator are as follows:

  • moderate price of the office space, • good housing conditions, telecommunications infrastructure (access to the Internet and telephone),
  • complexity of administrative and office services provided by the staff of the Incubator,
  • access to the conference room and conference equipment,
  • possibility of exchanging experiences,
  • fostering cooperation between companies.

Companies running businesses in the Business Centre in GAPR Ltd., included Business Incubator are focused on innovations and deal among others with:

  • software programming, installation and sales of IT hardware,
  • creating advertisements on the Internet,
  • designing and manufacture of lighting systems,
  • delivering trainings and seminars,
  • consulting and advertising services.


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