" New Gliwice " is a complex of four buildings of the former Coal Mine " Gliwice ",  located a short distance from the Gliwice centre , near the junction " Sośnica " A4 and A1. An access to New Gliwice  is possible from the north by the Kopalniana Street, and from the south  by the Bojkowska Street.

"The history of  the Coal Mine " Gliwice”, goes back to 1901. At the same time was formed the most typical buildings of the mine (pithead with steam bath, engine room) where designers were Emil and Georg Zillmanowie - creators of Katowice Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec .
Post-mining revitalisation of 15 hectares of land was started in 2005, a few years after the last coal wagon went to the surface.  The aim of activities was to adapt buildings to new functions : education and business. The following buildings was rebuild: the pithead – GWSP Headquarter; engine room - adapted for offices and business incubator;  manager house  -  rented by energy company. The new educational building is connected to pithead by the steel-and- glass hyphen. It was built on the former coal headquarter place. Several former mining facilities was restored with great care, built new office buildings and plots was prepared for investors. The project spent 24 million euros, including 9.5 million granted from European funds . Finally, the work was completed in 2008 .
Buildings and plots are manage by the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd  which launched here the second Entrepreneurship Incubator that was started in Gliwice. The main objective of this institution is to stimulate economic development by supporting individual entrepreneurship , promote entrepreneurship, creating an environment for  establishing cooperation between companies. The most important benefit of being in the Incubator is an opportunity to exchange experiences and alliances between companies and universities .
The offer is very diverse, is aimed at small and large companies. New, modern companies invest on Bojkowska Street,  what allow them to promote the exchange of experience and create the optimal environment for innovative projects.
Locations are perfectly connected within a short distance from the junction of the A1 and A4 ( Sośnica ) and national roads.
All plots established in the context of the first stage of land development were sold. In addition, acquired another 8 hectares of land for investment. Work is currently underway for reinforcement, also financed by the European Union.
The following modern companies are located in NOWE GLIWICE :
INFINITE DREAMS – games and applications for mobile platforms;
FUTURE PROCESSING the global software market;
FLYTRONIC - R & D centre for the airline industry, which was built drone Fly Eye, already used by the military, and has recently created the first  training centre of unmanned aircraft pilots in Central and Eastern Europe;
SIMTEC SYSTEM - one of the largest distributors of CCTV systems and alarm systems;
KAMSOFT - IT company,  specialized software designed for medical and pharmaceutical sector .
Economic zone includes 10 plots  ranging in size from approx. 4900 to approx. 7900 m2 , developed  with providing water network , with access to electricity and telecommunication networks . Plots are separated by internal roads .
Offices (size from 30 to 100 m2 ) are equipped with telecommunication network. The  complex of premises is protected and the buildings have a separate area of access. All the buildings are equipped with internet access, and the speed is adjusted to the individual customer needs. The complex  has also o

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