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GAPR territories

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Business Center in Gliwice

The task of the GAPR Business Center is to support and promote entrepreneurship, create an environment conducive to cooperation between companies and effectively combine science and business.

"New Gliwice II" (Former Areas of the Wire Factory)

New Gliwice The former II areas of the Wire Factory is the target business and cultural center at ul. Dubois in Gliwice for companies from creative industries dealing in architecture, design, new technologies, IT and start-ups, which is being created as a result of the revitalization of the former areas of the Wire Factory.

Gliwice Airport

The modernization of the Gliwice airport includes the construction of a paved runway with an artificial surface, a paved taxiway with an artificial surface, a modern petrol station and a safe location of bicycle paths around the airport.

Bytom Industrial Park

Bytom Industrial Park is an industrial complex located in the eastern part of Bytom, directly at the national road No. 94 Wrocław-Kraków, approx. 2 km from the national road No. 79 Bytom-Kraków-Warsaw and about 4 km from the A1 motorway. The exact address is ul. Siemianowicka 98, 41-902 Bytom.

Żory Industrial Park

Żorski Industrial Park offers entrepreneurs from the sector of micro, small and medium enterprises, rental of offices, production halls, warehouses, social rooms, parking spaces as well as storage and maneuver areas.

"New Gliwice" Business and Education Center

The "Nowe Gliwice" Education and Business Center was established in the areas remaining after the liquidation of the "Gliwice" Coal Mine. The whole undertaking includes the creation of a regional education center and a support system for the development of small and medium enterprises by offering office space and land properties.