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Business Center in Gliwice

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In the GAPR Business Center at ul. Wincentego Pola 16 there is our headquarters and commercial office space.


At present, we do not have free office rooms.


GAPR supports tenants by offering them a range of services:

  • low rents,
  • provision of selected consultancy services,
  • comprehensive office and administration services (secretarial services, reception during office hours, accepting small packages,
  • providing telephone, fax, internet connections, basic office equipment, e.g. photocopiers, computer, document binding equipment, scanner),
  • assistance in obtaining financial resources,
  • high speed internet access.

In the opinion of our Customers, main benefits of renting our rooms are:

  • moderate price for renting office space,
  • good housing conditions, telecommunications infrastructure (internet connection and telephone exchange),
  • complexity of office and administration services,
  • access to conference room and equipment,
  • opportunity to exchange experiences,
  • establishing cooperation between companies.


New Gliwice offer

As part of the "Nowe Gliwice" complex, office space and investment areas are available, but it is also an ideal place for the organization of large conferences, trainings, workshops, trade and exhibition initiatives as well as small business meetings and presentations.


List of companies operating at the Upper Silesian Accelerator For Commercial Enterprises Ltd.

History of "New Gliwice"

The Centre for Education and Business - "Nowe Gliwice" is a unique place which owes its "life" to the Gliwice coal mine. Two beautifully renovated brick buildings rising from the ground in Bojkowska Street, which catch the eye already from afar, are the remains of the Gliwice coal mine buildings from the first decade of the 20th century. It is hard to believe that today's bustling New Gliwice is a place where coal was once mined, miners prepared for work and foremen shared the workload...