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“New Gliwice II” (Former Areas of the Wire Factory)

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Address: ul. Dubois 45c, 44-100 Gliwice.


“New Gliwice II” (former areas of the Wire Factory) is the target business and cultural center at Dubois Street in Gliwice for companies from creative industries dealing in architecture, design, new technologies, IT and start-ups, which is being created as a result of revitalization of former areas of the Wire Factory.


The investment is aimed at creating a bustling urban quarter with high-class architectural and spatial solutions, in a very neglected and inaccessible place. The area of 2.6 ha will be characterized by high quality of public space and post-industrial character. The most interesting old buildings will be preserved and restored, while maintaining their original architectural style and giving them new service and office functions.

Revitalization of the area has been going on for several years. Actions performed on the former Wire Factory area, due to the efforts of the Management Board in cooperation with the City of Gliwice, in the years 2014-2015: utilities, demolition of part of old, unsightly buildings, removal of architectural “weeds”, demarcation of new internal roads and performance of, among others, sanitary sewage system or water and energy supply network, which in turn currently allows us to continue to develop this area. In addition to own financial contribution, contribution of private investors, first stage of the investment was implemented with the help of EU funding.

In 2016, GAPR Ltd. became owner of part of former areas of the Wire Factory and started implementation of a functional plan for space development. According to this plan, former areas of the Wire Factory will include:

 office part for companies from IT and creative industries. These are companies which combine economic activity with widely understood culture and technology. Buildings of the former Wire Factory will be arranged into three office buildings with an area of several thousand square meters. First building will be created on the basis of the preserved wall of one of the post-industrial buildings. The next two will also refer to the complex’s past.

 cultural part – cultural events take place in the former areas of the Wire Factory and our goal is to sustain and intensify this cultural activity. Proximity of the Palm House, Zwycięstwa Street and the newly created area on the roof of the DTŚ tunnel means that we treat New Gliwice 2 as a place of intimate cultural events in the open.

Since 2017, advanced design works related to the expansion and reconstruction of the old “Siatkarnia” are underway. Ultimately, these buildings will perform a service function, targeted at pro-social activities.
The designed complex will be a great place for events, exhibitions, thematic meetings, tags, or large conferences and concerts. Revitalization involves activation of public space around buildings. It is planned to create a friendly space for rest, walks, and summer café gardens.

In addition, the company also acquired the first investors – a construction company – Radbud, which is renovating buildings and architectural office Projarch from Gliwice.

Visualization of the “New Gliwice II” Project


Virtual walks around the “New Gliwice II”