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New Gliwice offer

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Office space and investment areas are available as part of the “New Gliwice” complex. It is an ideal place for organization of large conferences, trainings, trade fair initiatives, workshops, etc.


We provide our customers with:

  • OFFICE SPACE – offices with an area from 30 to 100 m2 equipped with a teleinformation network, a dedicated power supply network and Internet access connection, speed of which is adapted to individual needs of customers. Customers can use guarded server rooms, and each room is equipped with air conditioning. Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. has its own dedicated fiber optic connection put together by the GTS Energis company, that is why data transmission services are provided with a quarantee of SLA availability at the level 99.9%. We also offer backup links supported by ISDN 2B+D technology. We provide our tenants with telephone communication via digital telephone exchanges and 30B+D channels provided by Telefonia Dialog, implemented on fiber optic connection. We can implement many additional services on our connections, which will be consistent with individual needs of the customer. As a telecommunications operator, we have 1000 numbers from the 32 numbering area at our disposal.
    In addition, the complex has its own closed parking facilities for 600 vehicles, it is covered by a 24-hour security and is equipped with burglary and fire alarm systems. Buildings have separate access zones.
  • INVESTMENT AREAS –  4 hectares of investment areas covered by tax preferences for economic activities in the field of modern technologies. Offered plots are equipped with water and sewage system, ICT networks and they are separated by internal access roads.
  •   TRAINING ROOMS – 10 spacious and comfortable training rooms that can accommodate from 16 to 70 people. They are equipped with equipment enabling meetings with the use of multimedia presentations – multimedia projector, projection screen and flipchart.
  • AUDITORIUMS– 5 auditoriums that can accommodate from 78 to 301 people. Each auditorium is air-conditioned and equipped with modern equipment such as: multimedia projector, projection screen, visualizer, sound system, wired microphones, wireless microphones, video conferencing system, device control system, interactive whiteboard, interactive tablet, DVD player, DVD recorder, preview monitor. In addition, the largest Simultaneous Auditorium is equipped with digital system for simultaneous interpretations, with a four-channel receiver and the possibility of simultaneous translation into four languages.
  • EXHIBITION AREA –  235 m2 of area, which can be arranged in any way depending on the exhibitor’s needs. As part of the available equipment, there are bars (aluminum rails) which enable placement of exhibits with the use of a system of steel cables and hooks, which additionally are impressively exposed thanks to illumination with the use of metal halide lamps.