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The European Medical Technology Industry has not been targeted with sustainability demand to the same extent as manufacturing industries in other sectors. This is for several reasons: the industry has been heavily regulated under many MedTech standards, the focus has exclusively been on...


The project aims to strengthen regional innovation ecosystems by disseminating specialist knowledge and free tools developed and tested in the project, which will help local companies overcome development barriers and introduce innovative solutions into the production value chain.


The BioMan4R2 project within the European SMP COSME program offers financial support and networking for small and medium-sized companies in the biological products and medical technology manufacturing sectors that want to increase their resilience, sustainability and competitiveness.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest network supporting SMEs in the internationalization process. It consists of more than 600 points located in almost 60 countries in Europe and the world, employs almost 3,000 experienced experts providing their knowledge and providing services for business and science.

"Co-financing development services for SMEs from the revitalized areas of the Central Subregion of the Silesian Voivodship"

The project "Co-financing development services for SMEs from the revitalized areas of the Central Subregion of the Silesian Voivodship" is implemented by the Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd. in partnership with the District Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tychy and the City of Jaworzno.

MedSilesia Go Global

The project is implemented under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 2.3 Pro-innovative services for enterprises, Sub-measure 2.3.3 Internationalization of the National Key Clusters.


The main goal of the MedSilesia Go Global 4.0 project is to approach Polish producers, developers of the ICT bridge, and services that are applicable in the field of health by increasing the internationalization of 11 analysis companies within the MedSilesia Cluster thanks to the opportunities for foreign markets.


The main objective of the MedTech4Europe project is to update instruments under regional and national policies, given the growing demand for innovative infrastructure in the field of MedTech sector.


The main goal of the project is to improve the conditions for the development of SMEs in the commune through comprehensive infrastructure and communication of new investment trends in Gliwice. As a result of the project implementation, investment areas will be prepared with a total area of ​​9 ha, where, among others, 4 investments carried out by companies from the SME sector. New investment areas will enlarge the area of ​​the existing "NOWE GLIWICE" complex owned by GAPR.