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EU projects

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Completed EU projects

 Marketing Audit of the Young Company  Strategic Enterprise Audit  KSI KSU consulting for innovation  Frienldy clinic audit (FCA), God Rehabilitation practice audit (GRPA) - implementation of innovation and diffusion of good practices in non-public health care facilities  COMPETE IN  BATCo - Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation  Capital express - a new proinnovative advisory service for companies with potential  KETGATE  CEBBIS - Central Europe Branch Based Innovation Support  My company - my independence  CNCB - Cluster and Network Cooperation for Business Success in Central Europe  Science for business - business for science  My company - my independence II  Regional network of promotion and technology transfer  (Dis)abled in their companies  S3MARTMED  ProVaHealth  European Direct Information Center - Silesia  TRANS TRITIA  Smart_watch  Network of regional specialist observatiories - medical obseravtory  Project “Head of your own company - why not? Training, consulting and financial support for women setting up their own business.”  "A network of regional specialist observatories in entrepreneurial process of discovery”  Mag welder - precious employee  Implementation of export activites by the locl development agency co. in jaworzno  Enhancing a competitive position of bei through the extension of pro-innovation service catalog for enterprises  Golden standard  V4Clusters  CluStrat  e-CREATE  Dis(abled) important at work  Cogita - social and ecological responsibility of enterprises within the framework of regional policy  Fulfill your dreams - start a business  Via Regia plus  The key to work