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Gliwice Airport

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Address: Trynek, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland


The location of the airport is its unique advantage. The Silesian University of Technology operates in Gliwice, as well as many production and service companies with a national, European and global reach. The city of Gliwice also has a modern sports and entertainment hall – Arena Gliwice. The proximity of the Gliwice – Sośnica junction connecting the A1 and A4 motorways, Droga Trasa Średnicowa, a short distance to the city center and the vicinity of the “Nowe Gliwice” Education and Business Center GAPR sp. z o.o. they are of particular benefit to investors and entrepreneurs. The southern areas of the airport are a very attractive investment offer for business activities.

Airport modernization


Since 2017, GAPR owns half of the Gliwice airport. At the request of the Agency, in 2016-2017, a modernization plan was prepared and construction works began in 2018.

Works at the airport include the construction of: a paved runway with an artificial surface, a paved taxiway with an artificial surface, an apron, parking lots, access roads, and a bicycle path around the airport.

  • Deadline for completion of works: February 2020
  • The contractor: Przedsiębiorstwo Remontów Ulic i Mostów (PRUiM) in Gliwice.


Work progress


A hardened runway with an artificial surface along with grass protection

  • Runway lighting
  • Runway drainage
  • A paved taxiway with an artificial surface with grass protection
  • Taxiway lighting
  • Taxiway drainage
  • Parking plate with lighting and drainage
  • Access road
  • A bicycle path in the modernized part of the airport
  • Technical support of the runway

The potential and possibilities of the airport in Gliwice

  • The base for aviation training centers
  • Air and recreational sports center
  • A base for small passenger communication (air taxi, business and tourist traffic)
  • The base of air freight services
  • 24/7 local air transport

Planned airport services

  • Take-offs and landings from a paved runway with an artificial surface during DAY and NIGHT
  • Parking spaces on the apron
  • Possibility to conduct flight training in rented or purchased areas
  • Possibility to purchase or lease land in the southern part of the airport
  • Hardened runway with an artificial surface
  • Take-offs and landings from two runways with a natural grass surface
  • Possibility to use the rooms for training purposes
  • Hangar places

What’s next?


Works related to the construction of a petrol station are currently underway.

Investment areas


In the vicinity of the modernized port, entities related to aviation will be located – buyers have already found investment properties in the north-eastern part of the facility. We sold six plots of land by tender, and the seventh was leased for a period of 10 years.

There are also investment areas in the southern part of the airport – areas adjacent to the planned southern bypass of the city. We are currently in talks with potential external investors interested in this land.