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The BioMan4R2 project within the European SMP COSME program offers financial support and networking for small and medium-sized companies in the biological products and medical technology manufacturing sectors that want to increase their resilience, sustainability and competitiveness.

The BioMan4R2 program aims to improve manufacturing processes, transfer disruptive medical technologies, strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the European healthcare ecosystem by fostering long-term collaboration among SMEs, investment funds, research, clinical and knowledge-intensive organizations, science and technology parks and other companies in these sectors.

Are you an SME? Benefit from the opportunities offered by BioMan4R2

 Financial support to encourage resilience, sustainability and competitiveness

The project has vouchers that can be used in activities related to collaborative innovation projects that support business transformation, such as training plans, support for travel to explore markets in other countries, business continuity and resilience plans. Each company may apply for more than one voucher, but may not exceed the established funding limit of €60,000.

There are 2 types of vouchers:

1. Innovation voucher (60.000€)

These are vouchers for cooperative projects between SMEs and collaborators from different sectors with common challenges of resilience, sustainability or digital transformation, and assessment and validation of existing products. They have a value of €60,000. 60% of the amount will be transferred after signing the financial agreement and the remaining 40% once the final report has been accepted.

2. Business transformation vouchers (15.000€)

These are vouchers that support SMEs through training in technology uptake, digitization and sustainable supplier business models, and developing training programs for SMEs in digitization and digital skills. They also help implement and carry out business agreements and take part in commercially viable cooperative projects, resilience analysis, business continuity plans, market access strategies, advice on reimbursement or regulatory challenges. They are valued at €15,000 and will be transferred after signing the full financial agreement.

 Stakeholder mapping for the SME Support Program

This is an open database deposited on the BioMan4R2 platform where SMEs can meet key stakeholders of the quadruple helix, service providers and infrastructures of the BN ecosystem.

The BioMan4R2 project in detail

The first phase of the BioMan4R2 project focuses on preparing and building Eurocluster excellence to address the critical needs of the BMT sector. The project has 3 main tasks:

  • To analyze the BMT sector’s resilience needs.
  • To map key stakeholders and service providers.
  • To set up the SME Support Program.


The objective of the second phase of the project is to increase the resilience, sustainability and competitiveness of the biomanufacturing and medical technology sectors in the EU through the SME Support Program. The objectives of this second phase are:

  • To build new models of collaboration between European biomanufacturing cluster organizations and other key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical/biomedical and medical technology sector.
  • To facilitate the signing of cooperation agreements between European entities and entities in third countries.
  • To facilitate the implementation and adoption of innovation in business processes, contributing to green and digital transformation.
  • To improve the cluster management skills of the consortium to provide better services and attract more talent to the BMT.
  • To improve and transform BMT products in a way that reduces reliance on current value chains, as well as introduce new innovative products.


BioMan4R2 enables SMEs to bring their innovations and build their networks in foreign markets in the countries and regions represented in the project:

  • Turku, Finland
  • Stuttgart and Neckar-Alb, Germany
  • Noord Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland, The Netherlands
  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Silesia, Poland
  • Île-de-France, France

Project members:

The partner regions in Europe for this project, together with the Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd are Turku Science Park Oy Ab (FI, leaders), Bioregio STERN (DE), LifetecZONe (NL),  (PL), Medicen Paris Region (FR), Council of European Bioregions (BE) and Biocat (CAT).

For more information about this project and other possibilities to receive support for your company’s internationalization, please get in touch with Izabela Czeremcha, Project Manager (iczeremcha@gapr.pl).