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CNCB – Cluster and Network Cooperation for Business Success in Central Europe

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Clusters are the most popular instruments for the support of economic development of innovation. They play an important role in strengthening competitiveness of regions by supporting the creation of attractive regional profiles, research and SMEs.

In view of the above, the CNCB project (Cluster and Network Cooperation for Business Success in Central Europe) focused on further development of cluster initiatives. The project involved 10 partners with extensive knowledge about support and cluster creation as well as implementation of projects financed from European Union funds.

Task of project partners was to support development and promote internationalization of clusters, through exchange of experience, know-how or methodologies and practical solutions for identified needs in the field of cluster optimization and management – extensive manuals for cluster managers were developed.

Project implementation period: 03.2010 – 06.2013 – 39 months
Budget of the project for GAPR Ltd. – EUR . – 125 009,64 EUR (85% co-financing)

Project website: www.cncb.eu