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Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd. modernised the airport in Gliwice. The runway was opened on 10 December 2020. The investment included the construction of: a paved runway with an artificial surface, a paved taxiway with an artificial surface, a modern refueling station and a safe location for cycle paths around the airport.

As a result of our measures, the airport has retained its recreational value, is open to more visitors and, most importantly, is accessible all year round. In addition, noise emissions will be reduced.

The modernisation of Gliwice airport will benefit existing aviation activities, i.e. training, sport and recreation, and will enable the development of new ones, which in turn will make it easier to finance airport maintenance costs.7

The location of the airport is its unique asset. Gliwice is home to the Silesian University of Technology and many production and service companies with a national, European and global reach. The city of Gliwice also has a modern entertainment and sports hall – Arena Gliwice. The proximity of the Gliwice – Sośnica junction, which connects the A1 and A4 motorways, Droga Trasa Średnicowa, a short distance to the city centre and close proximity to the premises of the Centre for Education and Business “Nowe Gliwice”. GAPR sp. z o.o. are a particular advantage for investors and entrepreneurs. The southern areas of the airport are a very attractive investment offer for business activity.

Potential and capacities of Gliwice Airport:

  • Base for flight training centres
  • Centre for aviation and recreational sports
  • Base for small passenger transport (air taxi, business and tourist traffic)
  • Base for air cargo services
  • 24-hour local air transport

Airport offers:

  • Take-offs and landings from a paved, artificial runway DAY and NIGHT
  • Apron parking areas
  • Possibility to conduct flight training on rented or purchased land
  • Possibility to purchase or lease land in the southern part of the airport
  • A paved runway with an artificial surface
  • Take-offs and landings from two runways with natural grass surface
  • Possibility of using the premises for training purposes
  • Hangar areas

Airport parameters:

  • Runway direction 08 R 26 L
  • Runway length 800x23m
  • Runway length 920mx80m
  • Additional runway section 100mx23m
  • Taxiway 342m x 10.5m
  • Apron 200m x 52m

Airport category:

  • 1B
  • Span less than 800 m
  • Span up to 24 m
  • Wheelbase up to 6 m
  • Reference aircraft Beechcraft King Air 250