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Business Consulting

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Business consulting is an offer addressed to partners, who want to strengthen their company’s position and improve its operations – thanks to meticulous audits and clear solutions to problems discovered during analysis.

The offer includes:

  • Business audits: marketing, strategic, HR and other;
  • Business plan preparation;
  • Optimization of business processes;
  • Support in preparation of investment documentation;
  • Preparation of a feasibility study, financial analysis;
  • Specialist industry business consulting.

Our business consulting services help in building a long term strategy for company development, including management, financial, marketing, investment and HR aspects.

Consulting within the scope of strategic management

Comprehensive verification of strategic management system in the enterprise. Performance of a strategic audit provides an opportunity to improve company’s market position.

Marketing consultancy

Its purpose is not only to examine current situation in the company, but also to identify the weakest points in the organization, their influence on marketing and identify a way to improve the situation.

HR consultancy

Thanks to the HR audit, we create a map which facilitates moving around the complicated network of human resource management problems. HR audit serves as a starting point for the development of changes and remedial actions, implementation of motivational systems, and is an indispensable part of business plan development.

Business plan development

This service is primarily directed at micro, small and medium enterprises, which want to develop a high-quality plan for implementation of their business, plan for development activities and effective implementation of the adopted strategy.

Economic and financial analyzes

This is an assessment of the company’s activities, based on the data characterizing current standing of the company, as well as analysis of financial results obtained in the past few years.

Support in the preparation of investment documentation

Including a feasibility study and financial analysis: the service is intended to support preparation of full documentation allowing the company to apply for co-financing of the planned investment from EU funds or other sources.

Industry pro-innovation consulting services

Public and private healthcare facilities: Friendly Clinic Audit, Good Rehabilitation Practice Audit.

Hotel services industry: Golden Standard Audit

Assessment of the company’s growth potential, including analysis of possibilities for commercialization of innovative solutions, enterprise pre-incubation, including preparation of the enterprise to take up share capital or issue debt instruments, in a public or private offer – Capital Express.