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“Optimizing the impact of public policies in favor of research and innovation facilities in the field of medical technologies”


Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd. is one of 9 partners operating in the international MedTech4Europe consortium – for the improvement of instruments supporting research and development infrastructure operating in the field of technology for medicine.


The main objective of the MedTech4Europe project is to update instruments under regional and national policies, given the growing demand for innovative infrastructure in the field of MedTech sector.


Main activities and outputs:

  • State of play of the MedTech sector in each partner’s region;
  • Joint cross-analysis;
  • Self-assessment of regional policies, benchmarking of regional innovation ecosystems, mapping of excellence domains;
  • Study visits and workshops;
  • Local Action Plans.

 Expected results:

  • As a result  of  the exchange of experience between regions and identification of best practices, the partners will be able to implement new solutions to improve their regional policies, in particular:
  • Strengthen the innovation ecosystem for the MedTech sector;
  • Develop business models of RDI infrastructures (Research, Development, and Innovation) giving better access to SME’s;
  • Implement new RDI interregional projects with the identification of complementary excellence domains between regions.

Medical technologies are a key sector for the future in Europe by bringing solutions to reduce healthcare costs in the context of the aging population and one of the key branches of the economy in Europe. Considering demographic changes and an aging population, this sector will require new solutions shortly to reduce health care costs. With the emergence of new and cross-sectoral technologies, it is one of the most innovative technologically advanced sectors that face strong global competition. The only solution and response to changing conditions are innovations in the field of medical technologies. Unfortunately, the med-tech sector is very dispersed, both in terms of products and the enterprises themselves operating in this area. Moreover, the available research and development infrastructure does not always meet the needs and requirements of companies.

With the emergence of new and cross-sectoral technologies, it is one of the most innovative high-tech sectors which faces a strong world competition requiring each time more innovation. In this context, public authorities at regional level need to contribute to strengthening the Research, Development and Innovation ecosystem in favor of innovative medical technology industry in generating economic growth, creating jobs and providing solutions for patients and healthcare systems in the regions

The MedTech4Europe project is implemented as part of the Interreg Europe Program, in cooperation with clusters, business environment institutions, and regional authorities from 8 European countries – from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Finland, and Poland.


Valuable links:

The project website: https://www.interregeurope.eu/medtech4europe/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/medtech4-europe/

 Library: https://www.interregeurope.eu/medtech4europe/library/