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CEBBIS – Central Europe Branch Based Innovation Support

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Aim of the CEBBIS project was to seek trans-regional methods and industry solutions that strengthen the process of technology transfer (TT) to the SME sector.

The project created tools, methods and procedures for professionalization of innovation and TT support in connection with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Main objective of the CEBBIS project was to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs on the international market by offering innovations that focus on ICT applications specific for selected industry sectors.

Activities implemented by GAPR

  • Implementing a pilot action – computer visualizations in design
  • Report on barriers concerning development and improvement of innovation quality in Upper Silesia
  • New models of Technology Transfer support
  • Development of CEBBIS Competence Centers
  • Concept of pro-innovative services, classification of pro-innovative services and their use – creating a database

Project implementation period: 04.2010 – 03.2013 – 36 Months
Budget of the project for GAPR Ltd. – EUR – 154 678,18 EUR (85% co-financing).

Project website:  www.cebbis.eu