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Golden standard

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Project co-financed under the Operational Program Innovative Economy under Measure 5.2, from the European Regional Development Fund.

As part of the project, in the course of research work carried out, a methodology for providing a new pro-innovation advisory service for entities operating in the tourism and hotel industry was developed.

This created consulting service is implemented on the basis of the following steps:

1. Step 1: Initial research – remote

It includes research with regards to remote service of a Guest: website, e-mail and telephone support.

2. 2. Step 2: “Mystery client” research in a hotel – first audit visit

During the first audit visit, the auditor together with the consultant – auditor examine the facility’s effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Guest service (standards of reception and parking service, service at the catering point, activities in the field of renovation of the facility, procedure for informing the customer, procedure of accommodation and checking out)
  • marketing activities (object marking, information and promotion measures, cooperation with hotel reservation systems, organization in the area of acquiring key clients)
  • building organizational potential (recruitment and improvement of staff, incentive systems)

Efficiency test consists of two parts. First is the visit of a “Mystery Guest”. Second is an interview with the manager of the audited facility, lasting about 2.5 hours.

3. Step 3: Summary – second audit visit and submission of audit report

During the second audit visit, the auditor discusses audit report with the facility manager, including suggestions for improvements. Facility manager receives certificate of participation in the program.

The reports includes

Evaluation of the facility in the audited areas and expert recommendations regarding improvements for the future.
It also contains a list of advantages distinguishing the facility in relation to the median hotel facility in Poland.

Step 4: Decision on certification and granting the Golden Standard Emblem

The Certificate and the Emblem are granted to the highest-rated facilities in the audit. The distinction is decided by the Jury of the Golden Standard Program based on the result of point evaluation and recommendation of the auditor.

Step 5: Benefit package for Partners of the Golden Standard program

Currently, after commercialization, the service is carried out on market terms for full payment from entrepreneurs.