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BATCo – Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation

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Main objective of the BATCo project activities was a balanced and harmonious development of the Baltic-Adriatic transport axis and strengthening its competitiveness, as part of the North-South connections of Central Europe.

Accessibility is a prerequisite for the development and economic growth of the area, which is why the goal was to

  • improve the condition of intermodal transport connections – in particular, accelerate the creation of high-capacity railway connections along the axis (“pro-ecological transport”),
  • protect the environment by reducing negative effects caused by transport,
  • support employment by strengthening the economy.

Activities implemented by GAPR:

  • Master plans for identification of availability of PETC VI in Silesia + multimodal transport models
  • Regional transport model
  • Analysis of demand for transport services in Silesia
  • Model of impact of transport on environmental pollution and safety in Silesia
  • Concept of the International Incubator of Logistics Centers in relation to the Polish part of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor
  • Silesian cooperation model of logistic centers

Project implementation period: 03.2010 – 08.2013 – 42 months.
Budget of the project for GAPR Ltd. – EUR 207 675.00 (85% of co-financing).

Manual for the ASP service www.baltic-adriatic.eu