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The aim and results of the project:

The main goal of the project is to improve the conditions for the development of SMEs in the commune through comprehensive infrastructure and communication of new investment trends in Gliwice. As a result of the project implementation, investment areas will be prepared with a total area of ​​9 ha, where, among others, 4 investments carried out by companies from the SME sector. New investment areas will enlarge the area of ​​the existing “NOWE GLIWICE” complex owned by GAPR.

The scope of the project

The scope of the project includes works related to the preparation of brownfield investment areas located in Gliwice, along with the construction of road and technical infrastructure, which will make them available for the needs of SMEs.


The scope of the investment will include in particular: preparatory works, including tree and shrub clearance, as well as construction and installation works and finishing works, in particular:

  • internal road system 6 m wide with asphalt surface along with the construction of 3 parking lots,
  • a system of 2 m wide sidewalks with a surface made of concrete blocks,
  • hardening the site at technical infrastructure buildings,
  • reconstruction of 5 reinforced concrete water tanks,
  • land leveling,
  • felling trees,
  • biologically active surfaces,
  • external installations: water supply, rainwater drainage, sanitary sewage system, electricity with area lighting, teletechnical sewage system,
  • rainwater pumping stations, sanitary sewage pumping station, power generator, transformer station,
  • connection to the sewage system: rainwater and sanitary
  • reconstruction of the connection to the public road and integration into the internal road system.

Duration: from April 1, 2020, from March 31, 2022

The project “Nowe Gliwice, stage III – post-industrial investment areas in the area of ​​the former coking plant”, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Śląskie Voivodeship for 2014 – 2020, Priority Axis III Competitiveness of SMEs, Measure 3.1 Improving conditions for the development of SMEs, Sub-measure 3.1.1 Creating investment areas in brownfield areas – ITI.

Project value: PLN 22 510 596.49, including co-financing: PLN 13 399 531.93