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Marketing Audit of the Young Company

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Upper-Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion Co together with Local Development Agency Ltd. and”Euro-Centrum” Science and Technology Park Ltd., offered small and medium-sized entrepreneurs a new pro-innovation consulting service – Strategic Audit of the Enterprise.

The project was of national nature. This service has been created and carried out under the aforementioned project under measure 5.2 “Supporting business environment institutions providing pro-innovative services and their networks of supra-regional importance” with priority axis 5 “Diffusion of innovation” under the Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013.

Pro-Innovation service Strategic Enterprise Audit (SEA) has permanently entered the catalog of services provided to entrepreneurs by the Upper-Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion Co. and Local Development Agency Ltd. right after the end of the project “Strategic Enterprise Audit (SEA) – a new consulting service for enterprises provided by Institutions of Business Environment” within which the standard of its provision has been created

Thus, the goal of the project – strengthening of a network of Business Environment Institutions (BEIs) – has been completed by introducing a new pro-innovation service provided to entrepreneurs.

Duration of the project – February 1, 2011 – July 2013.

During the standardization stage of the service (01.07.2011 – 31.12.2011), 30 audits were carried out by entrepreneurs from all over the country in order to verify functioning of the tool and correct any inconsistencies during evaluation of the tool, which was the last action at this stage.

At the stage of proper implementation of the service (01.01.2012 – 31.12.2012), another 80 SEA audits were carried out, consisting of conducting a questionnaire survey and direct interview with persons who manage the organization, focused on strategic issues of the company’s operations.

Audits were carried out by an external expert together with a project consultant. The study mainly concerned:

  • competition evaluation,
  • indicating potential opportunities and threats for the company in the context of its products, services and area of operations,
  • analysis and evaluation of quality of entrepreneur’s process of acquiring information about the company’s environment and its’ proper management in consideration of market conditions,
  • obtaining information on the life cycle phase of the product, market and technology used by the company, carrying out company’s strategic balance.

On the basis of the obtained information a report was created which contained recommendations and enabled the company to take pro-development and innovative actions in the sphere of product, organization, technology, process or marketing within the scope of conditions created and determined by the company’s environment.

All 110 audits conducted among interested and eligible enterprises were carried out free of charge due to the co-financing of the project from the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Program. Entrepreneurs received only a certificate of de minimis aid granted to them for the completed service.

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